Crafting a Fusion of Modernity and Tradition

  • CLIENT: Chum Cafe
  • Date: 2015
  • ROLE: Brand Designer
  • DELIVERABLES: Corporate Brand Identity, MenuDesign, Print Materials, Packaging Design, Label, Posters

Project Overview

Background: Established in 2015, Chum Café flourished with three branches across Tehran. With a vision to seamlessly blend modern and traditional café vibes, the client sought a comprehensive branding solution, starting with a logo that could be applied to ceramics and tiles for vibrant café signage.

Challenge: The challenge lies in encapsulating the essence of modern and traditional café environments within a cohesive visual identity—the logo needed to symbolize the café and translate seamlessly onto ceramics and tiles for impactful signage. The subsequent task involved extending this logo to various touchpoints within the café.

Solution: The design journey commenced with creating a versatile logo, drawing inspiration from modern and traditional café aesthetics. The logo served as the cornerstone for an integrated visual identity upon client approval. Elements of black and a traditional font were strategically incorporated to resonate with the client’s vision.

Implementation: Beyond the logo, the visual identity extended to many café essentials. The menu, delivery packaging, labels, shopping bags, mugs, business cards, and the customer club’s membership card were meticulously designed, creating a harmonious brand experience. Metal trays, a unique element of the café, influenced the logo’s frame, threading a cohesive design narrative.

Results: Chum Café emerged as a culinary destination and an immersive brand experience. The strategic use of black and traditional fonts and the incorporation of metal tray aesthetics yielded a visual identity that resonated with the client’s tastes and wishes. The crafted brand elements, including business cards, product tags, shopping bags, letterheads, and labels, seamlessly aligned with the café’s needs outlined in the design brief.

Conclusion: The Chum Café case study is a testament to the successful fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics in a visual identity. By translating the essence of the café into diverse touchpoints, we’ve created a brand that satisfies the client’s initial brief and elevates the café experience for its patrons. Join us at Chum Café, where every detail tells a story of thoughtful design and a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.