Unique Visual Identity – A Narrative of Design Excellence

  • CLIENT: Parchak Cheese House Cafe, Freelance Project, My Studio> Tannaz Amin Studio
  • Date: 2017
  • ROLE: Brand Designer
  • DELIVERABLES: Corporate Brand Identity, MenuDesign, Print Materials, Packaging Design, Label, Poster

Project Overview

Background: In the creative landscape of 2017, Perchak Cheese House Café found its distinctive visual identity by collaborating with my design studio. Drawing inspiration from the rich Persian storytelling tradition and the world of cheese, we embarked on a design journey that seamlessly wove together the concept of a raven and a fox with the delectable world of artisanal cheeses.

Challenge: The challenge was to create a visual identity that paid homage to the café’s primary product, cheese, and incorporated the essence of an old Persian tale featuring a raven and a fox. The objective was to design a logo and promotional sets that spoke to the unique narrative of the café and captured the warmth of its offerings.

Solution: My solution unfolded through a carefully crafted visual narrative. The logo and office sets were conceptualized with cheese as the focal point, intertwining seamlessly with the captivating Persian story of a raven and a fox. Yellow, a significant color representing certain cheeses, infused vibrancy and warmth into the visual identity. The raven and fox imagery added depth, connecting the café to its cultural roots.

Implementation: The visual identity extended across various touchpoints, from the logo that adorned the café’s façade to the meticulously designed office sets. Yellow, reminiscent of cheese, became a unifying element, creating a consistent and recognizable brand presence. The subtle incorporation of the raven and fox imagery further enriched the narrative, creating a cohesive and engaging brand experience.

Results: Perchak Cheese House Café emerged as a culinary haven and a storytelling experience. The intentional use of yellow, symbolic of cheese, and the narrative elements of the raven and fox satisfied the design brief and resonated with patrons. The visual identity communicated the café’s unique story and commitment to delivering an exceptional cheese experience.

Conclusion: The Perchak Cheese House Café exemplifies the power of storytelling and thoughtful design in creating a brand identity that transcends mere aesthetics. Join us at Perchak, where every piece of cheese carries a tale, and every element of our visual identity reflects the passion and creativity behind our brand.