Nillgol 2 scaled Tannaz Amin Geraphic Designer

Nilgol Flower Store opened in 2018 in one of the shopping centers in Tehran. This store continued working without a visual identity in the first year of its activity. After comprehensive reviews of the brand’s position, competitors, and audience group, I started designing the logo and the organization’s visual identity.
In designing the logo of this store, I used the element and icon of the lotus flower (the meaning of the Nile flower brand); I tried to make Persian and English typefaces look similar.
According to the needs of this store, which were specified in the design brief, business cards, product tags, shopping bags, and labels in different sizes were designed and produced after designing the logo.
Nilgol store is now one of the famous luxurious flower stores. It opened its second branch a few months ago in Tehran and still uses this visual identity.