Cultivating Success Through Strategic Branding

  • CLIENT: Nillgol Flower Store Nillgol Flower Store
  • Date: 2019
  • ROLE: Brand Designer
  • DELIVERABLES: Corporate Brand Identity, Brand Identity, Print Materials, Social Media Templates, Typography

Background: In 2018, Nilgol Flower Store emerged as a budding venture within a bustling Tehran shopping center. Despite a humble beginning without a distinct visual identity, our commitment to excellence and growth propelled us into a transformative phase.

Challenge: Recognizing the need to distinguish Nillgol in a competitive market, we conducted comprehensive reviews of the brand’s position, competitors, and target audience. The existing logo, though present, lacked the professional polish essential for making a lasting impression. This prompted us to embark on a journey to redefine and professionalize our visual identity.

NILLGOL SHOW CASE 01 Tannaz Amin Geraphic Designer

Solution: Our redesign journey began with creating a captivating logo, artfully incorporating the timeless lotus flower—a symbol embodying the essence of the Nilgol brand. I harmonized Persian and English typefaces to bridge language gaps, ensuring a seamless visual experience. The focus was not just on creating a logo but transforming it into a professional emblem reflective of Nilgol’s commitment to excellence.

NILLGOL SHOW CASE 03 Tannaz Amin Geraphic Designer

Implementation: Responding to the specific requirements outlined in the design brief, we meticulously crafted business cards, product tags, shopping bags, and labels of various sizes. Each element was thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall Nilgol experience and bring our brand to life in tangible ways.

Results: The revitalized Nillgol Flower Store swiftly became a sought-after destination for luxurious blooms. Building on this success, we proudly opened a second branch in Tehran, maintaining the enduring visual identity synonymous with the Nillgol brand.

Result: The Nillgol Flower Store case exemplifies the power of strategic branding and design in transforming a business from its infancy into a renowned and flourishing enterprise. Our commitment to a unified visual identity has not only elevated our brand. Still, it has also cemented Nilgol as a beacon of sophistication and elegance in the world of flower retail. Join us on our floral journey, where each petal tells a strategic design, growth, and success story.