5 Tannaz Amin Geraphic Designer

Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Dimension: 50×70

The subject of my photos has always been nostalgia. In this series, I have gone to subjects that are all subject to destruction and can also be a reflection of nostalgia left by different human beings. This collection represents the part of life rarely seen or not seen at all. And elements that may not be visually appealing on their own. Returning to the earth and discussing disintegration and repetition is perhaps the irony of our lives. Earth alone is a strange element. Due to the passage of time, the earth settles on the photo frame. Many trees, plants, and flowers are rooted in it, and their lives depend on it. This earth has a place for our bodies when we die. The name of this collection is Return to the Planet, which means two edges of what we see and reality.

We are cruel humans for nature and our habitat! We are users who eat, throw, and go. Only some of that garbage is loyal to nature and returns to it, but most remain. And again, the story begins: We eat, throw, and go.

This collection has been exhibited in various exhibitions inside and outside Iran, and in 2009, it was selected by UNESCO in the Human Habitation Young Artists Competition.