19 Tannaz Amin Geraphic Designer

Technique: Digital Photography

Size: 3.4 x 4.2 inches in each. Print on luster paper.

I was born in Tehran, the Capital city of Iran. As a girl who spent her youth and adolescence there, I have many memories of the city, especially the buildings, which each have their own history and have become part of mine. Tehran has several places that I love which are unforgettable to me. I chose to return to places that impacted my life in some way, and have shaped who I am and how I feel. Now, all these old places and buildings shown, are being removed, and will eventually be rebuilt. They will be covered by two colored stripes by the Tehran Municipality order during construction. They are painted blue and white to represent the sky and, nonpolluted air that are being concealed. Their slogan is “Blue sky, pure Earth! Hence, whenever you see these two colors, you figure out that something is hidden and something new will appear! When I went home during the summer, I wanted to take photos of important places to me to ensure they were recorded and I could remember them in the future, but I found that many of the ones I wanted to document were already gone. During this renovation revolution in my city, I am sure that one day, this blue line will cover all my sweet memories, and I am unsure if these places would even exist in the near future.

In the Summer I went back to my hometown, Tehran, Iran, to add more photos to this project; this trip would be a great help to expand the Blue Color, Lost Memories series and figure out how many vanished places have been added to the locations during the past year. Blue Color, Lost Memories, can help me to create a new project about buildings and cityscapes. Since I had e surgery in Iran, which I did not expect, I could not finish my project, so I will work on it during the fall semester. Now I am leaving State College, and a new journey will begin for me; since everywhere will be a memory for me, I am deciding during this change to record lines or any places I have the memory of and add to this project. Maybe a blue sky, a blue line on the building, or perhaps a vanished building in the middle of NYC and add some graphic material. I have not started this project, but I guess it would be a great idea and a collection of memories that would be lost soon.