One of the most significant subjects from my childhood to, the geographical location where I was born, since I was a child, was the Iran-Iraq War. A war that, from the time I was in my mother’s womb until today, has affected my personal and social life and that of my generation, and also has evolved into a great collective memory among all my generation because nostalgia and collective memories have always been the subject of my art and research.

I am always busy photographing old family photos, seeing and being careful about things that are no more!

The nostalgia of war brings me contradictory memories. Despite all the criticism that has always been leveled at war, especially the nostalgia category, I admit that nostalgia is desirable in my mind.

In this project, nostalgic images have emerged with the help of photographs of the war. Therefore, in some pages and photos, familiar words or words that have been extracted from the heart of war literature and evoke a nostalgic feeling for the audience have been used to remind them as much as possible of that time.

The photographs contain details of old photos taken with a macro camera, creating new images with typographic montages inspired by war words.