Technique: Macrography | Camera: Canon Powershot Pro1.

Photos Dimension: 13×18 cm.

Nostalgia in literature and the visual arts, the search for the identity of people, and even objects have always been the subject of my artworks. I think the presence of all of us, including me, is nostalgia. This collection has been formed using old photos and attention to detail. In this series, my maternal grandparents play a significant role in the image. From the hundreds of old photos available, I chose the ones that are of emotional and identity importance to me, and I re-took photos from the old photos with a macro lens. And also, the details that I was interested in were magnified with a magnifying glass from my grandfather. I had a camera in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other. The magnifying glass was used in places of old photographs that no longer exist and become memories. People and identities that are no more. Beer bottles and Coca-Cola no longer exist in this country. My grandmother’s shoes and jewelry reflect the clothing and fashion of that period or the old cars of that time. The points magnified in this collection are the history of a familiar era of all the people who lived at that time and shared experiences of the covering style of that time, the world of their consumption, vehicles, etc., with all the available details.

Looking precisely at the old photographs allowed me to explore the period of memories, identity, and community of that era.

This collection was shown at various photography festivals inside Iran and abroad. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • ​Feb. 2014
    Elected as the Finalist & won the 1st Prize in the Peaches & Cream Millennium Images Competition, Dream Space Gallery, London, UK
  • Feb. 2012
    Elected in Saba Photography Expo., Tehran, Iran
  • Jan. 2011
    Elected in the 12th Photography Biennial of Iran, Yazd, Iran