IDENTITY scaled Tannaz Amin Geraphic Designer

Camera: Canon EOS 60

Dimension: 20×20 cm

Identity is not just for individuals. Identity refers to the set of relationships and functions that humans may sometimes give to objects. This collection is a narrative of life going on with indirect human vision. Man becomes a part of every part of life and daily life that he steps into, and without seeing himself, we will be able to recognize which part of each person’s life these photos belong to. Each of these photographs alone reflects and represents a distinct identity. Garbage can sometimes have an identity,  the same trash we always pass by indifferently. The buckets may reveal a hidden identity with a human behind each one.

To create this collection, I photographed different garbage bins and their details for two months, and I think that by collecting all of them together, we can achieve a new character along with the individual identity of each of them.