MFA Thesis show

For the past decade, my artistic focus has delved into the realms of social and individual memories, nostalgia, identity, and history, merging imagination with reminiscence. In the current landscape where the relevance of history and nostalgia is questioned, my work aims to unearth hidden aspects misrepresented in official records. Employing diverse approaches in art, photography, design, and advertising, I create pieces that engage the audience, sparking curiosity, provoking responses, and leaving lingering questions about their own experiences. My latest project, “It Was War,” is a culmination of a personal exploration into history, identity, and the profound impact of growing up amid the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). Through a fusion of old war images, childhood photos, and typography literature, I depict the complex dynamics of life, death, sorrow, and happiness shaped by the war’s constraints on liberty and social welfare. The series challenges perceptions, revealing details often overlooked in current discourses in Iran and the United States, demonstrating how documents and media formats convey profound meaning. The project, “It Was War,” becomes an emotional visual exploration of personal war experiences and collective memories, providing a rare glimpse into a childhood overshadowed by conflict and its enduring impact. The Iran-Iraq War, a significant backdrop of my childhood, lasted almost eight years and remains a destructive and undetermined conflict. Amid the chaos, everyday life persisted, showcasing the resilience of Iranian society. The project vividly captures the conflicting circumstances, blending memories of parties and celebrations with the haunting realities of war. As I grapple with the memories ingrained in me, “It was war” emerges as a representation of a traumatic yet essential subject. The artworks, incorporating old images and childhood photos, tell a poignant story of the lasting devastation of war on a deep, somatic level. The project aims to ensure that the effects of the Iran-Iraq war, though four decades old, are not forgotten, emphasizing the intergenerational spread of trauma.” It Was War” employs techniques such as digital photo manipulation, installation, sound design, and slideshows. Using cameras like the Canon 60D and iPhone 13 Pro, along with scans of old photographs, the project becomes a visual and auditory journey through a tumultuous period of history.

Through my art, I aim to convey the enduring impact of war on individuals and nations, leaving an indelible mark on collective memory.