WOW TILE 01 Tannaz Amin Geraphic Designer

Technique: Digital Photo Montage

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches in each. Print on luster paper.

Being a famous and influential artist sometimes seems easy. However, I believe that artists tried so hard to show their art to their audiences worldwide in the past without the new media and social media we are using today! Thus, I appreciate each character, especially women who tried so hard to become the best of their own.I believe the years between the 1960s and 1970s are important decades in many aspects. Especially the revolution in art and artists’ growth based on history and the facts we can observe from those years. For this project, I have chosen impactful women from art and culture areas to show from which country they come from. I think the place where these women were born and grew up would impact their art lives and artworks. I believe that any talent and creativity started from childhood and grew up in the place we come from, so I think many people know these women by watching them in movies or magazines or even following their artwork and stories, without knowing their nationality. The identity and nationality of these famous women are essential during history. Most of these women started to work in a city and, after a while, became a superstar. How would it be possible? I asked myself. Art can spread worldwide without limits because of these women’s talents and personalities. I appreciate how these women were chosen, and I always think about how they became a part of our history. They tried so much to record themselves in the time we lived and build a history for us.

All women in this project are famous and impactful during history and tried to be selected worldwide. When we see these women and their artworks, I think the first word that comes to our mind is WOW!